Introduction: A Liminal Hero


Book 1 - The Controversy

Chapter 1: The Riddle of Arthur

The Arthur Stone, The Pseudo-History of Britain, Dux Bellorum, The Arthur Heresy,

Sub-Roman Britain, Arthur and Tintagel, The Question of Arthur


Chapter 2: Britain’s Emperor

Dark Century, Maximus, The End of Roman Britain, Independent Britain,

The Roman Withdrawal, The Saxon Advent, Vortigern and Ambrosius,

The Roman Missions, The Saxon Revolt, Britain’s Recovery, Riothamus,

Vortimer, The Last of the Romans, Emperor Arthur, The Figure of Arthur,

What’s in a name?


Chapter 3: National Myths

The Arthur Deception, The British Hero, An Age of Darkness, The Heirs of Rome,

The Politics of History, Enlightenment and Empire


Chapter 4: Forbidden Histories

The Nature of the Record, The Druids and Stonehenge, The Celts and Reincarnation,

Bruti Britones, Geoffrey’s Deception, Patriots and Scoundrels, The Return of Arthur


Book 2 - The Legend

Chapter 5: The Grail Mystery

The Hidden Church, From Ritual to Romance, The Cup of Sovereignty,

The Sacrament of Marriage, The Matter of Britain, The Vulgate Rewrite,

Wolfram’s Parzival, The Underground Stream


Chapter 6: Perfidious Britons

The Celtic Church, The Synod of Whitby, Augustine’s Mission, The British Collapse,

The Politics of Conversion


Chapter 7: The Johannine Tradition

The Celtic Sleepwalkers, Pelagius and Augustine, Colman’s Defence,

The Petrine Claim, The Lucius Legend, The First British Church


Chapter 8: The Church and the Heretics

Priscillian’s Heresy, Simon’s Tonsure, The Church of the Empire,

The Church of the East, Taliesin’s Secret, The Church of the Celts,

The Conhospitae


Chapter 9: Sovereignty

SS. Joseph and Bran, The Marriage Feast of Kingship, The Welsh Romances,

Arthur and Charlemagne, The Tyrant Arthur


Appendices: The Beloved Disciple, The Wife of Christ, Uncle Joseph

Book 3 - The Sources

Chapter 10: Geoffrey of Monmouth

Geoffrey’s Motives, The Norman use of Arthur, The Anglo-Normans,

King Robert, Robert’s Faction, Geoffrey’s Technical Terminology,

Geoffrey’s Case, The Nature of History, Arthur’s War


Chapter 11: Bede

Honest Bede, The Last King of Britain, Caedwalla of the Gewissae,

Caedwalla the Tyrant, The New Chosen People, Lying Tales


Chapter 12: Nennius

The Historia Brittonum, The Nennius Preface, The British Record,

The Gap in History


Chapter 13: Gildas

The Sons of Mordred, The Five Tyrants, The Sins of the Britons,

Gildas’ Motives, Gildas’ Sources, The Holy Empire, The Saxon Chastisement,

Britain’s Champion, Vortigern's Heir


Book 4 - The War

Chapter 14: Restitutor Orbis

Arthur-Riothamus, The Rebirths of Rome, The Year 469-70, The Mighty Shadow


Chapter 15: The Battle for Gaul

The Last Gallic Emperor, The Bacaudae, The Western Succession,

Tibatto’s Revolt, The Rescue of Europe, The Gothic Alliance, The Arian Dominion,

The Fall of Syagrius, Leo and Childeric, Rome’s Champion


Chapter 16: Alternative Empire

Dark Age Dates, Gildas’ Crusade, Justinian’s Reconquest, The British Collapse Revisited,

Maelgwn's Bards, Arthur's Nephew, Admiral Theodoric, Clovis and his Enemies,

Badon and Vouillé, Arthur’s Empire.


Postscript: The Disappeared


Appendices: Joseph and his Brothers: Dating the Adventus Saxonum from Gildas 69.4


Maps, Charts & Timelines

Maps: Roman Empire 476 AD & 526 AD from Muir's Historical Atlas

Dating the Battle of Badon from the source texts, Timeline - Roman Empire 380 - 560 AD,

The Return of the House of Wessex to the Throne of England