Heretic Emperor: The Lost History of King Arthur
Copyright © V M Pickin 2005


Book 2 - The Legend

Chapter 5 - The Grail Mystery
Chapter 6 - Perfidious Britons
Chapter 7 - The Johannine Tradition
Chapter 8 - The Church and the Heretics
Chapter 9 - Sovereignty


Chapter 9 - Sovereignty

Demonstrates that Arthur was taken to heart by the aristocracy of medieval Europe precisely because he was conceived to be Rome’s enemy. Proves that the pagan Grail, symbol of Sovereignty, cannot have been Christianised by accident, but was directed against the Roman Church by Celtic storytellers who perfectly understood their material. Presents evidence that the Matter of Britain stories, the Grail included, originate in 12th century Wales as nationalist propaganda against an English dominion endorsed by a Roman Church in the grip of the Papal Reformation. Shows that Europe adopted Arthur as the perfect iconographic answer to the Reformer’s Charlemagne: in place of an emperor crowned by the decision of a pope, Geoffrey’s history gave them Emperor Arthur, ruler of independent Britain and Rome’s enemy. Suggests that if Arthur really was Rome’s enemy, champion of a non-Roman Christianity, his disappearance from history begins to make sense.

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