Heretic Emperor: The Lost History of King Arthur
Copyright © V M Pickin 2005


Book 2 - The Legend

Chapter 5 - The Grail Mystery
Chapter 6 - Perfidious Britons
Chapter 7 - The Johannine Tradition
Chapter 8 - The Church and the Heretics
Chapter 9 - Sovereignty


Chapter 7 - The Johannine Tradition

Shows that Celtic Christianity was pre-Roman in origin. Demonstrates that the breach between the Roman and Celtic Churches was no accident. Dates that schism to the hereticization of the Briton Pelagius in 418 over his defence of traditional Christianity against the new theology of Augustine of Hippo. Shows that the Celtic churchmen, who justified their customs on the grounds that they were genuinely apostolic, derived from St. John, really were preserving a pre-Roman tradition, and that Bede’s fabricated account of British Christian origins, the Lucius Legend, effectively admits the Celtic case. Suggests that the current orthodoxy, which holds Christianity was brought to Britain by the Roman Empire, is merely a watered-down version of the Roman Church’s own propaganda.

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