Heretic Emperor: The Lost History of King Arthur
Copyright © V M Pickin 2005


Book 2 - The Legend

Chapter 5 - The Grail Mystery
Chapter 6 - Perfidious Britons
Chapter 7 - The Johannine Tradition
Chapter 8 - The Church and the Heretics
Chapter 9 - Sovereignty


Chapter 6 - Perfidious Britons

Proves that the Roman Church did regard the Celtic Church as heretical. Opens with the current view that the Celtic Church was impeccably orthodox. Shows that the Whitby dispute did not result in a reconciliation, and was never intended to. Traces the interaction between the two churches from the arrival of the Augustine mission to the English in the late sixth century to the final submission of the Welsh Church in the eighth, demonstrating the hostile intent of the Roman faction and its encouragement of English aggression against the British. Concludes by contrasting historians’ observations on the Arian Goths, heretical rulers of Spain, were forced by Frankish pressure to submit to the Roman Church, with that of the Welsh victims of Saxon aggression, who are held to have submitted voluntarily to Rome.

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