Heretic Emperor: The Lost History of King Arthur
Copyright © V M Pickin 2005


Book 4 - The War

Chapter 14 - Restitutor Orbis
Chapter 15 - The Battle for Gaul
Chapter 16 - The Fall of Arthur’s Britain


Chapter 15 - The Battle for Gaul

Reinterprets the history of fifth century Gaul, showing the rise of the Franks did not end Roman dominion, but reimposed it. Opens with the conventional, Enlightenment view of the slow fall of the west to German dominion over the course of the fifth century. Demonstrates that the simple division into Romans and Germans is false and that native revolts, bacaudae, were perceived by the Romans to be the greater threat. Traces the political manoeuvrings and shifting alliances in western politics which finally led to the Roman Emperor Valentinian assassinating Aëtius, the general who saved Gaul from the Huns. Shows that the Eastern Roman Emperors finally decided to place Gaul under the dominion of the Franks, in the process destroying both the Arian Goths and the last independent ‘Roman’ ruler in Gaul, Syagrius. Concludes that Geoffrey is again proved right, the champion of Badon was facing a resurgent Rome, intent on regaining lost provinces.

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