Heretic Emperor: The Lost History of King Arthur
Copyright © V M Pickin 2005


Book 3 - The Sources

Chapter 10 - Geoffrey of Monmouth
Chapter 11 - Bede
Chapter 12 - Nennius
Chapter 13 - Gildas


Chapter 13 - Gildas

Demonstrates that the sole surviving historical source for sixth century British history has been completely misinterpreted by historians. Shows that Geoffrey regards Gildas as a traitor and a quisling. Proves Geoffrey’s assessment is substantially correct, Gildas’ sermon is not a patriot's plea for unity, it is a call to arms; that Gildas is a propagandist for a Roman faction in Britain about to make war on the Pelagian majority. Analyses Gildas’ history, proving every error is deliberate and purposeful, designed to condemn the British and exonerate Rome. Argues that Gildas’ portrayal of Badon as a Roman victory is as false as every other element of his history, and that Gildas fails to mention Arthur because the victor of Badon, hammer of the pagan Saxons, was head of the Pelagian faction in Britain. Shows that the combination of enemies which Geoffrey claims brought down Arthur actually did bring down Vortigern, and though Gildas, Bede and Nennius do not tell us Arthur fought Rome on the Continent, these were not the only sources Geoffrey used.

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