Heretic Emperor: The Lost History of King Arthur
Copyright © V M Pickin 2005


Book 3 - The Sources

Chapter 10 - Geoffrey of Monmouth
Chapter 11 - Bede
Chapter 12 - Nennius
Chapter 13 - Gildas


Chapter 12 - Nennius

Analyses the evidence of the earliest history to mention Arthur, the ninth-century Historia Brittonum, a.k.a ‘Nennius’. Shows that Geoffrey directs his readers to the disputed Nennius preface, which states that a British written record was destroyed in the eighth century. Shows that the twefth century Roman insult, that the British, the bruti Britones, were too stupid a race to have produced a written history, dates back to at least the ninth century and is demonstrably false. Argues that the Nennius preface links the destruction of the British written record with the Roman Church’s take-over of the Celtic Church in Wales, and that the evidence supports this implied accusation. Concludes that the Roman Church produced the gap in British history.

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