Heretic Emperor: The Lost History of King Arthur
Copyright © V M Pickin 2005


Book 3 - The Sources

Chapter 10 - Geoffrey of Monmouth
Chapter 11 - Bede
Chapter 12 - Nennius
Chapter 13 - Gildas


Chapter 11 - Bede

Follows Geoffrey’s analysis of the Father of English History, endorsed by the Reformers as the most reputable of historians. Starting with Cadwalla of the Gewissae, demonstrates that Geoffrey’s readers were directed to see the flaws and omissions in Bede’s history. Shows that Bede is making a case for the English as rightful rulers of the Island, as against the heretical British. Argues that Bede’s decision to exclude the entire sixth century, from Badon to the Roman mission, from his account suggests that whatever happened in that period, Arthur’s period, was contrary to his case. Concludes that Geoffrey’s readers, looking for Arthur’s continental Empire in Bede, would have found only a gap. But they would not have drawn the same conclusions from the existence of that gap as today’s Dark Age historians.

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