Heretic Emperor: The Lost History of King Arthur
Copyright © V M Pickin 2005


Book 3 - The Sources

Chapter 10 - Geoffrey of Monmouth
Chapter 11 - Bede
Chapter 12 - Nennius
Chapter 13 - Gildas


Chapter 10 - Geoffrey of Monmouth

Re-examines the possibility that Geoffrey’s history might record the genuine history of Arthur’s period. Demonstrates that Geoffrey’s much-maligned book has been completely misunderstood, it was actually a legal case directed against the Roman church on behalf of Robert of Gloucester, bastard son of Henry I and a claimant to his throne. Shows that Geoffrey’s history disproves the Roman Church’s claim to have inherited dominion over Britain from the Empire, and it does so by interrogating the reputable histories of Bede & Gildas. Argues that Robert also needed a case against Rome’s claims on Normandy, which Arthur’s continental empire provided. Concludes that though no historian credits Geoffrey’s Emperor Arthur, the likelihood is that Geoffrey’s evidence for this, as for the rest of his legal case, rests on the history known and accepted by his opponents - history’s winners. Which means that the extant written record may yet contain evidence for Arthur’s war on Rome, and Geoffrey will show us where to look for it.

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