Heretic Emperor: The Lost History of King Arthur
Copyright © V M Pickin 2005


Book 1 - The Controversy

Chapter 1 - The Riddle of Arthur
Chapter 2 - Britain’s Emperor
Chapter 3 - National Myths
Chapter 4 - Forbidden Histories


Chapter 1 - The Riddle of Arthur

Outlines the current view of the historical Arthur and how it was arrived at. Opens with the discovery of the Arthur Stone at Tintagel, contrasting the huge public and media interest with the archaeologists’ strange reaction. Traces the history of Arthur’s history from his 12th century acceptance on the strength of Geoffrey of Monmouth’s history, to the Enlightenment rejection of both Geoffrey and Arthur, to Arthur’s rehabilitation in the nineteenth century, to the revival of the Enlightenment view on the publication of The Age of Arthur and the hereticization of its author Professor John Morris. Demolishes the case against Morris and demonstrates, using the example of Tintagel, that the academic allergy to Arthur’s legend is unconnected to the Dark Age evidence. Suggests the real reason for Arthur’s ejection from history is that Morris’ Emperor Arthur is too close to Geoffrey’s, rather than, as historians claim, that the contemporary record contains no evidence for his existence.

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